Smoking Cessation Research in Hamilton

An arial photograph of Hamilton, ON

Are you motivated to quit smoking?

Do you live in Hamilton, Ontario or nearby? Do you smoke 10 or more cigarettes/ day?

You may be eligible to join Dr. Richard Tytus who is a Hamilton doctor that is researching smoking cessation products. Individuals with or without a mental health problem may be eligible to participate.

Learn More & Check Your Eligibility

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14 Tips to Quit Smoking Today

Tip to Quit Smoking #1: The most important step is the first one: admitting you have an addiction.

Tobacco companies promote the idea that smoking is a matter of personal choice. But is it really? Ask yourself, do you need a cigarette or do you just want a cigarette? If you need a cigarette there’s a good chance that you’ve crossed over from personal choice to addiction.

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Stop Smoking Easily

Those who have quit will tell you that quitting smoking is actually easy.

The following is a personal experience from Anton, an ex-smoker. 

I know that if you’re reading this post, then you’ve tried to get rid of the habit a million times, and maybe you want to quit smoking easily. You may have the feeling that your plans to survive getting rid of your nicotine addiction will fall through, and you’ll be a smoker until the end of your days. One who perseveres does not give up on his decisions easily and takes up the matter seriously — even in those moments when you feel that such an unknown and “unattainable” victory is not worth the suffering. You know exactly what you want to quit, because you would not be here right now. You will have your good days and bad days; everyone who has ever had to experience pain to get rid of nicotine addiction has had them as well — me included. Good days will show that, indeed, it is easy to quit smoking, and hard days mean you just have to wait for a good day.

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Want to Know How Many People Quit Smoking Each Year?

Want to know many people quit smoking each year? Seventeen million Americans try!

It’s a bit scary to know how many people quit smoking each year.  The success rate for those who attempt to quit is not pretty. Less than a quarter of people who smoke and try to quit are actually successful. Stopping smoking is an insurmountable challenge to many who try, but we do know that kicking that nasty habit can make a big difference to your health. With support and dedication, you can stand out from the pack.

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