Stop Smoking Easily

Those who have quit will tell you that quitting smoking is actually easy.

The following is a personal experience from Anton, an ex-smoker. 

I know that if you’re reading this post, then you’ve tried to get rid of the habit a million times, and maybe you want to quit smoking easily. You may have the feeling that your plans to survive getting rid of your nicotine addiction will fall through, and you’ll be a smoker until the end of your days. One who perseveres does not give up on his decisions easily and takes up the matter seriously — even in those moments when you feel that such an unknown and “unattainable” victory is not worth the suffering. You know exactly what you want to quit, because you would not be here right now. You will have your good days and bad days; everyone who has ever had to experience pain to get rid of nicotine addiction has had them as well — me included. Good days will show that, indeed, it is easy to quit smoking, and hard days mean you just have to wait for a good day.
So, quit smoking – it is easy, but there is no clear time span that separates the smoker from the ex-smoker. For example, imagine a marathon runner running 42 km. At the beginning of the race the runner knows that he will be running exactly 42 kilometres. When he reaches the finish line, the goal is achieved; he has crossed the finish line and he can relax — the difficulty is overcome. However, where is the finish line that a smoker steps over to be considered “quit”? Is it after a week? A month? A year? You must have heard the saying once a smoker, always a smoker.

Those statements, of course, do not frighten those who have quit smoking twenty years ago. They can confidently say that they are no longer smokers. However, I argue that the discussion of an ex-smoker’s length of time being done with smoking is inapt. If you want to quit smoking, it’s easy — just do not think of the length of time. You’ll see that you’re no longer a smoker, when the time comes.

What is really worth thinking about is drunken night parties with friends in the nightclubs. The club atmosphere; alcohol in the blood; and other smokers, with whom you will meet there; can really disrupt your plans. And cause you to defer a desire to quit for a year.

Another thing that should be borne in mind, is the awareness of these are people who are constantly, and way too often, talking about the shortcomings of others. If you dig deeper into their lives, you can see that they themselves have problems that make them unhappy. And, perhaps also, they did not get to quit smoking easily. Do not pay attention to them, even if they claim that getting rid of nicotine addiction is not easy. They’re losers — not an example to follow.

One important question you should ask yourself is what have you really done to stop smoking? Do something, don’t do nothing. Read books about quitting smoking, listen to stories of success to get rid of nicotine addiction, and people who have quit smoking. Those who have quit will tell you that quitting smoking is actually easy.

Get a blog on here, describe your problem there. Ask a question in the forum to get help if you need it. Read, ask, learn, and you’ll realize that quitting smoking is easy, and this is no big deal. At the end of the path of withdrawal, you will come to a happy, healthy and rich life, and you’ll only have yourself to thank.

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My name is Anton, I quit smoking December 1, 2007. Until then smoked steadily for 5 years, and began to indulge in a few years earlier.


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