Want to Know How Many People Quit Smoking Each Year?

Want to know many people quit smoking each year? Seventeen million Americans try!

It’s a bit scary to know how many people quit smoking each year.  The success rate for those who attempt to quit is not pretty. Less than a quarter of people who smoke and try to quit are actually successful. Stopping smoking is an insurmountable challenge to many who try, but we do know that kicking that nasty habit can make a big difference to your health. With support and dedication, you can stand out from the pack.

A photo of a stop sign on a beach, supposedly paralleling the number of people who stop smoking and enjoy lifeHow many people quit smoking each year?  Take a look at these figures for the UK.  In 1972 about 50% smoked.  In 1990, that number had fallen to just under 33%.  At present, just under 20% of UK citizens continue to smoke.  So while there has been progress according to UK site, Patient.co.uk, the fact remains that smoking is still the greatest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK.

It doesn’t really matter how many people quit smoking each year: the tragic fact is that many people still continue to smoke. Cigarettes take too many lives and are responsible for horrendous health care expenses.

Nicotine is addictive.  Smoking is a tough habit to shake. But smokers need to know that quitting smoking is possible but you will be more successful quitting if you plan to replace the smoking habit with a more positive and healthy routine. How many people quit smoking each year is by becoming involved in a smoking cessation plan and by working with medical personnel to help tackle this addiction.

Are scare tactics helpful in how many people quit smoking each year? When you consider the health effects of smoking it must have some bearing on the results of those who try to quit. Cancer, respiratory problems, heart disease, circulation issues, sexual problems, dementia, cataracts……the list goes on and on.  Surely this evidence of health issues caused by smoking helps to determine how many people quit smoking each year.

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    Of those people who quit, I’d like to read what methods are most successful — maybe thinking about it too much is even a bad way to start.

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