Is Quitting “Fashionable”?

This article outlines some basic facts surrounding smoking and what the nicotine industry is like today.

Cruella de Vil from The Hundred and One Dalmatians was a smoker. She did not help it look glamorous.

Long ago, smoking was marketed as being fashionable. Today, it is illegal to market such an unhealthy product in a positive light. In the past, the top ad men were paid top dollar to come up with the next golden ads for cigarettes. While those ads were eventually halted as a result of consumer groups pressuring the government to intervene, the ‘cool guys’ in movies still smoked; but now, even smoking in films is regulated.

A lot of people just think that smoking is a bad habit, that it stinks up both your breath and your clothes, makes your teeth look yellow and that it’s bad for your health. Many extensive studies have demonstrate the monstrous negative affects of smoking on one’s health. There are anti-smoking laws and various campaigns to make people quit smoking. Most folks are finally viewing cigarette smoking as a negative in their lives and many have quit smoking for good. Others who want to quit should define why they want to quit and accept the challenge. One who doesn’t care about life has no reason to quit.

An Expensive Habit

Cigarette smoking causes a lot of preventable deaths in the United States. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), about 443,000 people die each year from some condition caused by smoking, in U.S. alone. This would equate to one in five total deaths. The economy of the U.S. suffers as well. It is estimated that between 2000 and 2004, about $97 billion was lost in productivity and that $96 billion went on health care expenditures, because of various health problems caused by smoking.

Why Are They Smoking?

To put it simply, people are smoking because of nicotine. This alkaloid is naturally found in tobacco leaves and when people smoke tobacco, it can make them feel more calm, more relaxed and their mind more focused. In case you don’t know, nicotine can be a very addictive substance. It can release neuro-chemicals like dopamine into the centers responsible for pleasure, within a bran. The purpose of dopamine is to encourage activities required for survival, such as eating food, drinking water or having sex, and that’s why a smoker’s brain craves nicotine so much, like his life depends on it.

Smoking is Still Quite Common in USA

It’s estimated by CDC that 46 million of men and women, which would be 20.6% of all adults in the United States, are smokers. There are more men (23.5%) than women who smoke (17.9%). Over 80% of adults who smoke cigarettes start smoking before they are even 18 years old and about 17.2% of high school students smoke. Fortunately, this bad habit is on the decline. Between 1998 and 2008, the number of adults who smoke declined by 3.5% in the United States. Aggressive anti-smoking campaigns, like the ones in California, actually helped some states drop that number even lower.

Time to quit?

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