7 Secrets To Quitting Smoking

If you are reading this, the chances are that the several hundred ad campaigns against smoking have not worked for you yet. That is OK! Changes to your life cannot come from those ads or your subconscious. It has to come from You.

Here are the 7 secrets that allowed me to empower myself over cigarettes:

  • Start fresh.  Don’t beat yourself up if you have tried to quit smoking in the past.  Don’t give in to pangs of despair if you don’t know what to do.  Believe in your own capacity to make positive changes, and appreciate the courage you have to even think about doing so.
  • Triggers.  When do you feel the impulse to start smoking?  Do you smoke when you are stressed?  When you are tired?  When you are partying?  When you drink?  You don’t need to judge yourself.  Observe yourself, learn about yourself.  Notice your patterns and your triggers.
  • History.  What exact moment did you start smoking? What was your reason for doing so?  Can you remember the situation, environment and scene?  For me, I was 18 at a college party with the love of my life, Mr. Rico Suave.  He started smoking, and I remember thinking, wow, I wish I looked that cool. I may have for .2 seconds, until I started choking and sputtering and turned red in the face gasping for air.  Understand your history with smoking.
  • Finances.  Do you have money to spare on habits like smoking?  How much does this habit cost you? On my current shoe string budget, the cost of one pack covers two meals at Chipotle, or one dog walker for the day.  Take 10 minutes to calculate how much you spend on cigarettes, and how this is impacts your personal finances.  How much could you save?  What could you otherwise enjoy with this money?
  • Reality.  The advertisements, commercials and magazine images that we see every day do not always reflect reality.  If I recall one of the Marlboro man models died of lung cancer. Also, I have yet to see someone look as exotic and beautiful smoking a cigarette as the Virginia Slim lady.  Embrace and define yourself – your TRUE self.  Not the photoshopped/media propagated version of yourself.
  • Romance.  French kiss, butterfly kiss, Eskimo kiss.  There is a reason why the stale smoker kiss is not featured in magazines.  If you have not yet experienced it, go find your nearest ashtray and give it a smooch.  Ladies, also, keep in mind that it will take 3 times as many shampoo cycles to get the smell of smoke out of your hair.
  • Confidence.  I’ve heard that one of the most rewarding things in life is accomplishing something that others say you cannot do.  To the contrary, I have found that the most rewarding thing is to accomplish something that you yourself did not believe you could do.

Tell yourself that you can do it.  Most importantly know that you can.

Do you have your own secret to add to this list? Do these tricks “do it” for you? Let me know in the comments below!


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Katherine Diefenbach resides in Northern Virginia and enjoys navigating the adventures of life along with her rescue dog Charlie Brown.


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    Good for getting in the right mindset. Thanks for the points.

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